Sullivan Higdon & Sink

We hate sheep. We love interns.

Because they do nice things for us – like make us coffee. So hurry up and fill out the form. Our coffee pot is running dry. Oh, come on, that's just a joke. In reality, you’ll be working and learning and innovating and fretting and pondering and screaming and coding and white-knuckling and analyzing and sweating and celebrating everything advertising right along with us all summer long. You won’t even have time to make us coffee. Much. So, if you’re collaborative, curious, passionate, impeccable, demanding and pure of heart and you don’t mind being uncomfortable (in a “this is really challenging” kind of way), then you just might have what it takes to have a remarkable experience at SHS. Ready?

The 2017 application deadline has passed.

Thank you if you've already put your application in. We truly appreciate your interest in SHS!
Your files are deep in the belly of our machine, undergoing a rigorous 37-point analysis for just the right moxie.

If you missed the deadline, well … maybe there's next year?